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What is a Tiny House?

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. The ones that we build and sell at Barking Dog Homes are special because:

  • They're tough, well-built, above California residential standards. They're built to last as long as any McMansion or condo development.
  • They're portable. Not for full-time traveling, but they're happy to be moved a few times a year or less.
  • They're street-legal. No special permits or license are needed to move this home. (You will need a big truck)
  • They're smart. They use resources effectivly, causing less waste and helping you achieve a lower-impact lifestyle.

Why Get A Tiny House?

  • Affordable: For some reason, the American housing market is skewed towards McMansions and large, fancy houses. Its more than most people need, but more reasonable alternatives aren't available.
  • Flexible: The tiny house on wheels is portable, so you can start your life or your family in one location and move it without losing your investment.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Goes along with the downsizing trend. BDHomes are built with safe, sustainable materials in mind, but the larger gain comes from simply using less resources (and less waste) than larger homes.
  • Adaptable: Without a foundation, our homes are able to sidestep many city/county building codes and restrictions. Many citys want to impose a minimum square footage which is unreasonable. By putting a tiny house on wheels on your property, you can get much more use out of the land without the city officials extorting you.

What's Special About BDH?

Barking Dog Homes designs and builds exciting tiny houses on the Central Coast of California. We're a small operation, focused on good building practices, clever design, low overhead, and being a part of the solution. Our homes are:

  • Waterproofed and insulated exterior. Handle a California winter with ease!

  • Attention to detail and clever additions make a BDHome feel like home!

  • Typical 2x4 construction, reinforced with metal straps and gobs of construction adhesive to form a stiff, durable unit. These houses are designed to be moved a few times a year.

We believe:

  • We can live in a nice home that costs less than the interest paid for a new $500k home.
  • It's possible to build a home that nourishes its family, not makes it sick.
  • Smaller home + fewer possesions = bigger clarity + lower resource footprint. The afflictions we face in first-world, modern society are different from humans at any other time in history: stress, depression, obesity... Addressing these illnesses will take a different approach than what we're used to striving for.

How Do I Get Started?

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We're happy to discuss any variations or ideas you'd like to share with us. We can handle most general homebuilding, furniture, plumbing, electrical, or electronics systems tasks. We might need to refer you to a subcontractor for certain materials or techniques.