The Residential Model

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Large Living in a Tiny Home

Meet your next home. The Residential model is built on a 8.5 x 24 foot trailer, and is ready to provide a home for 1, 2, or more people and animals. The floorplan includes a kitchen with counter space, a bathroom with a door that can be closed off. The bedroom is a loft above the kitchen/bath area. Plenty of windows are placed around the frame, and skylights are installed above the loft as well as above the living room.

We’ve designed this home to be parked most of the time, and hook up to electricity and cold water via an RV panel on the side. It is also set up for sewage with either septic tank or city sewage. (Other configurations are available, please discuss them with us.)

Total Cost, Residential Tiny House $49,000

Overview of the Residential Model Home