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Structure Details

  • Street legal trailer
  • Finished, weatherproof exterior, windows and doors.
  • R13 insulation on floor, walls and roof.
  • Plywood subfloor.
  • Unfinished walls and ceiling (bare insulation).
  • RV-style electric inlet feeds:
    • 6-8 outlets inside
    • 2 outside
    • 4 lights inside
    • 2 lights outside
    • Vent Fan
  • Plumbing for hot & cold water with greywater drains in bathroom sink, bathroom shower, and kitchen.
  • Plumbing for sewage and cold water supply in bathroom.
  • Mounted and enclosed propane tank in a separate, cement lined enclosure separate from living area.
  • LP tankless water heater.
  • Metal roof, finished and trimmed. Owner’s manual.

Interior Furnishing

  • Finished walls (white paint) and natural wood trimwork.
  • Bamboo flooring.
  • Natural wood ceiling.
  • Fully finished exterior and interior.
  • Skylight.
  • Kitchen counter (butcherblock)
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Basic cabinets/open shelves above and below sink.
  • 2 burner propane range.
  • 4 cu ft electric fridge.

Saftey features:

  • Fire resistant paint exterior and interior in the kitchen area.
  • Smoke and CO2 / CO detectors.
  • Fire extinguisher mounted on wall.
  • At least 2 points of egress.

Total Cost, Residential Tiny House $49,000

View of Residential Tiny Home on Wheels

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