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The Hobo’s Special

Despite the name, you don’t actually have to be a hobo to live here. You just have to be dedicated to saving money while living in an exciting alternative lifestyle!

More stats, blueprints and photos coming soon.

Basic Model Includes:

  • 8x13 footprint
  • Compost toilet (bucket system)
  • Single sink (bucket above and below system)
  • Sleeping loft with ladder
  • 250 Watt solar panel, battery, charger, inverter & outlet
  • Overhead light and loft light.
  • Kitchen counter with shelves.
  • Ice chest / insulated cooler.
  • 3 windows and locking door.

Deluxe Model also includes:

  • Upgraded finish & surfaces
  • Two more windows, one skylight
  • 1000 Watt solar system
  • Propane, propane plumbing
  • Cooktop
  • Refrigerator (Dual Electricity/Propane)
  • Water hookup & plumbing. Greywater drain.

The Hobo Special is a no-frills living space for one frugal person. It is wired for a light and outlet (with RV hookup and barebones PV solar system) and has a kitchen counter with a bucket system plumbing (ie: none). A ladder will take you to a loft/bed upstairs. To save on costs, the basic model has an unfinished (bare studs) interior, ready for you to complete as you see fit.

The deluxe model features a tiny kitchen (sink, stove, fridge) with real gas and water plumbing, a solar power setup wired with PV panels, battery & charging system, inverter, overhead lights, and outlets, and a finished, insulated interior.

Estimated Cost of Hobo Shack: $9,999

Deluxe Model: $19,999

Overview of the Hobo Shack

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